We're here to help you translate your website or app from Korean into English, German, Russian and vice versa.
About us
Specto LLC employs a team of professional translators. Our team is comprised of a group of friends who have worked together in the translation and localization fields for over 5 years and who share the same passion for producing quality translations for a diverse range of projects including game translation and localization, website translation and localization, translation of legal documents and translation of technical writing in various disciplines.
There is a reason why we describe our work as localization rather than simply calling it translation. When a game developer launches a game in another language, the game universe, lore, characters and stories must be recreated using the expressive means
of the target culture. This is what Specto LLC strives to excel at: taking game characters, which can be considered the soul of a game, and making them speak
the language of players, which keeps game content relatable.
The Specto Process
Here are the main stages that your game content will go through when it is being localized.
Game Study and Glossary Creation
We play your game, and study its systems, mechanics and the universe. At this stage, the participation of of your game creators (especially, the script authors) is crucial. The goal during this stage is to create a consistent and well annotated Glossary.
Full Script Translation (and Editing)
Once the Glossary is ready and the game systems and universe are familiar to our team, we begin the actual text translation. We can use industry's standard CAT systems or any tools specifically chosen by your company
for this work. After the text has been translated, it is edited for grammatical and spelling errors.
In-game Testing (2 stages or more)
The localized target language text is added to the game on a test server. You provide us with the test build and we conduct the 1st stage of in-game testing (also called LQA, linguistic quality assurance) to ensure that the texts fit well with the elements of the user interface. After that, all corrections
are applied in a second build which goes through the 2nd stage of in-game testing. Normally, this is the last stage before the new language version goes live.
New Language Version Goes Live
You upload the translation to the live server. It is recommended that users are made aware of the updated content since Specto will work together with your developers and game creators to collect user reviews and comments and make necessary corrections.
Continued Maintenance, Updates, and Events
Every time you add new or modify existing contents, they will need to be translated into the target language. We will work in close connection
with your team to make sure every update rolls out on time and exactly
the way you want it. We can also write/translate your patch notes and daily announcements. If you decide to conduct events - we'll translate all
the event pages, notices, banners and Facebook posts for you.
The motivation behind allowing Specto to assist you with localzation is simple: if you want to get more customers, you start speaking their language. Our team has some
of the most experienced translators in the field of website and software localization. We've translated apps and programs for business, education, health, etc. If you have
a website, we can make sure your business offer is easy to read and attractive.
The Specto Process
You sign a service contract with Specto
You designate a contact person
We translate a site/app
Upload related content for QA testing (Please note that your uploaded content will be protected and visible only to your company and Specto translation team)
We test the translation with provided game content and perform LQA
You publish the final version
We test the final version and continually provide improvements via updates
Specto professionally translates a wide range of business documentation including contracts, presentations, brochures, user guides, product manuals, catalogs, marketing materials, articles and blog posts.
The Specto Process
We sign a service contract with you (frame or project-based)
We evaluate the text and give you the price
based on the volume/difficulty/urgency

Work completed!
Your document is translated and edited by the deadline
You receive the translation and make the payment
Why choose Specto?
Because Specto is dedicated to:
- Helping our clients save time
- Maintaining the good reputation of our clients
- Providing reasonably priced translations
The content of every document processed by Specto is thoroughly checked and rigorously tested to ensure that it reads naturally and integrates effectively into each final product. Our team has the right tools and expertise to provide clients with the most accurate and relevant translations.
Multilingual Support
We are always ready to help you, no matter where you are. We are currently available
in the US, Germany and Korea.
Experienced Team
Our team is comprised of professional translators with diverse professional backgrounds including experience with business and legal translation, game localization, software, app and website localization.
Timely Delivery
Specto knows the value of our clients' time. We have processes that allow us to complete your projects within demanding deadlines while still ensuring professional quality.
Easy to Update
For software, app, game and website translation, we work in real-time as much as possible. Specto has worked hard to build a global network which has contributed to optimized response times and efficiency.
Affordable Prices
Specto's translation and localization rates are comparable with our competitors, but we would like to assert that you will get more value with each translation by choosing Specto. Each document will get special care and attention. Because your success is our success.
Our Locations
Our team members are working in various locations around the world, so delays due to time differences are no longer an issue. Around the clock, we don't stop until the work is done. We currently have representatives located in South Korea, China, Germany, Belarus, and the United States.
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