So, are you expanding your business overseas? Great idea!
We're here to help you translate your game or app from Korean into English, Korean, Chinese and vice versa.
We're here to help you translate your website or app from Korean into English, German, Russian and vice versa.
Korean, English, German, Russian
Localize Your Application or Website
You have an application and would like to expand its user base? Get it translated into the language of your target audience. Let us handle this for you

Your company is going global to explore new markets. Your website is the first thing you should translate in your target languages. And we're here to help!
The content will be thoroughly checked and tested so that it reads and looks perfect.
Multilingual Support
We are always ready to help you. Our offices are located in Korea, China, Germany.
Experienced Team
Professional translators with a strong focus on gaming market and Android & iOS apps.
Timely Delivery
We respect your time as we respect ours. Be it a small task or a big project - it'll be done in time.
Easy to Update
When you have a new version, we'll update the translation.
Affordable Prices
Our solution will not cost you more than what an average translation would charge, but you get much more for your buck.
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Explore the 3 Top Markets
Our mission is to help you get your game gain
Korean language is not so widely spread, most of its speakers live in Korea. However, the gaming community here is incredibly active and passionate. In fact, Newzoo ranks Korea as the No. 4 grossing country in the gaming industry in 2018 (48 M users, $5,647 M)
You must have an English version. Period. Proof:
US (265 M players, $30,411 M),
Great Britain (64 M users, $4,453 M),
Canada (34 M users, $2,303 M),
Australia (23 M users, $1,269 M),
South Africa (35 M users, $187 M)
China, with its 850 M of Internet population, will have generated $37,945 M making China the no. 1 game market in the world. With Traditional Chinese you will get access to another 20 M users worth $1,268 M in Taiwan and 7 M users with $381 M in Hong Kong).
Our team includes experienced translators with very diverse
professional and educational background. They will translate
your application or website and preserve the original meaning.
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Yeongho Kim
Founder & Marketing Director
Yeongho Kim holds a degree in linguistics and loves computer games. But more importantly, he brings to the table his business experience. He has launched and sold a successful online business in the past, and is currently interested in investment. His priorities are efficiency, flexibility and customer trust and satisfaction. He needs no more than 5 minutes to find a way to benefit your business.
Yury Kim
Co-founder & Senior translator
Yury Kim holds a master degree in linguistics and has been in the translation and IT business for more than 10 years. Fluent in Korean and several European languages including English, French and Russian, he understands first hand the importance of precise and authentic translation. A passionate gamer himself, Yury has worked on some great titles for PC and mobile including Lineage, Devilian, Summoners War and Closers. For him, each game is a precious work of art. He is eager to make your game speak new languages and conquer new audience.
Eva Stark
Customers Support
Eva is the voice of our brand. She spends hours to make our clients feel care and enjoy communication with the company. If you have any suggestions or ideas you can write her. Eva like to get clients letters and feedback.
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